ROBINE AVOCATS is an independant Law Firm, located in the heart of Paris, and founded by Amélie ROBINE in January 2014.

The Law Firm is acting in legal counsel, drafting and litigation, and is organized around two areas of expertise: Business Law and Health Law at national and international level.


The Law Firm acts in the classical fields of Business Law.

It advises and supports its clients in the various components of economic life.

The Law Firm has developed close ties with the Portuguese-speaking countries, and with Brazil particularly.

Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Brazil in France, it is committed to promoting the development of Franco-Brazilian economic relations.

The Law Firm is also member of the Euro-African Institute of Economic Law, which aims to promote the development of economic law in Africa.


The Law Firm advises and represents its clients in the various aspects of health law.

It deals, therefore, with both medical liability litigation and issues related to new health technologies or public health issues.

The Law Firm is the Health Law referent of the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce in France.

In addition, it regularly acts on the various themes of Health Law in international conferences.


Working languages are French, English and Portuguese.