Health Law

Range of services

The Law Firm is acting both in terms of analysis, legal counsel, negotiation and litigation.

It advises and represents health actors in the various aspects of Health Law upstream and in the case of judicial, administrative or ordinal proceedings.

Practice Areas

  • Advice and support in medical practice (choice and creation of the exercise structure, creation of secondary office, recognition of foreign diplomas)
  • Consulting and support in pharmaceutical practice (pharmacy, pharmaceutical company, private sector structure)
  • Assistance and representation in disputes concerning medical, pharmaceutical or ordinal liability
  • Assistance and representation in disputes over activity control
  • Class Action
  • Consulting and support in telemedicine, e-health and on-line pharmacy
  • Advice and support for the transfer of pharmaceutical technolog
  • Drafting legislation and regulations to protect public health and ensure access to medicines
  • Advice and assistance in marketing authorization (medicines, vaccines, medical devices)
  • Writing and implementing good medical or pharmaceutical practices (compliance)
  • Advice and assistance for setting up clinical trials in France and abroad (particularly in Brazil)


The Law Firm offers its services to all healthcare providers: public and private healthcare establishments, research institutes, health professionals, manufacturers, insurance companies, international organizations, patients and patient associations, start-ups, be they French or foreign (especially Brazilian)